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International Newspaper Licensing Body PDLN Admits 25th member.

Representatives from all over Europe met in Dublin to discuss “From Print to Web – Local Media Monitoring to International Media Monitoring Solutions” on the 6th PDLN Summit.

International Newspaper Licensing Body PDLN Admits 25th member.

The Press Database and Licensing Network (www.pdln.info), which was set up to improve access to licensed international press content in media monitoring services, admitted NewsRight (USA), Retriever (Sweden) and CLA (UK) as new members at its Dublin conference on June 11th. It now includes 25 publishers owned licensing and database services from 15 countries. PDLN invited ENPA, Google News and the Linked Content Coalition as guests to its 2012 summit and heard their statements.

Andrew Hughes, from the UK Newspaper Licensing Agency was elected as PDLN president and Ruediger Baumberger from Austria's APA as vice president. Oliver Grassy, CEO of Germany's PMG joined the PDLN board. Andrew Hughes said "The continued growth of PDLN shows publishers’ commitment to creating better solutions for users of media monitoring services worldwide. We look forward to working with all industry parties to design and implement simple and effective solutions which respect the roles of content users and publishers"

PDLN Connect

PDLN also hosted the first PDLN Connect Content Forum in Dublin with representatives from 11 leading global media monitoring businesses to debate and agree priorities for developing improved user solutions.

PDLN Connect is a program established by PDLN to develop open standards to ease the interaction in the field of international media monitoring. The PDLN Connect program includes development in connecting databases, license agreements, reporting and an electronic publication catalogue.

About PDLN

The Press Database and Licensing Network (PDLN) joins companies and organisations, owned or controlled by publishers, working in the field of licensing articles from newspapers and periodicals and/or providing digital articles for electronic press reviews and acting according to their national copyright regulations for the beneficial interests of the publishers.

The PDLN network aims to protect and promote the interest of publishers in the digital age in relation to press cutting and media monitoring services. Its members want to encourage the development of simple and efficient market solutions to the problems associated with international access to high quality press content and the legal secondary utilization of this content.

PDLN was founded in 2008. PDLN members currently represent over 5.000 newspapers and magazines from 15 different countries.

For any further Information please contact:

Andrew Hughes, President: ahughes@nla.co.uk

Ruediger Baumberger, Vice President: ruediger.baumberger@apa.at

PDLN Members list

Organisation Country

APA DeFacto Datenbank & Contentmanagement GmbH Austria

CFC Centre Français d'explotation du Droit de Copie France

CLA The Copyright Licensing Agency United Kingdom

CLIP Copyright Licentie- en Incassobureau Pro Netherlands

Copiepresse s.c.c.r.l. Belgium

CopyCo Australia

Copyright Agency Limited Australia (Observer)

Infomedia A/S Denmark

Izba Wydawcow Prasy (Polish Chamber of Press Publishers) Poland (Observer)

Mediargus N. V. Belgium

Mediebedriftenes Klareringstjeneste AS Norway

NewsRight, LLC USA

NLI Newspaper Licensing Agency Ltd. United Kingdom

NLI Newspaper Licensing Ireland Ltd. Ireland

Opoint AS Norway (Observer)

PMG Presse-Monitor GmbH Germany

Press B@nking SA Belgium

Reprocopy Burg. Venn. CVBA Belgium

Repropol Poland

Repropress SC Civ. Belgium

Retriever AB Sweden and Norway

Swissdox AG Switzerland

TT Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå AB Sweden

VISAPRESS Gestão de Conteúdos dos Media, CRL Portugal

VÖZ Verband Österreichischer Zeitungen Austria


APA - Austria Presse Agentur

Barbara Rauchwarter

Head of Marketing & Communikation

Tel.: +43/1/360 60-5700



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