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Journalism Prize “Writing for CEE 2015” – submissions possible until July 31st

APA and UniCredit Bank Austria are inviting journalists from around the world to participate – award endowed with 5,000 euros

Journalism Prize “Writing for CEE 2015” – submissions possible until July 31st

July 31st marks the end of this year’s deadline for submissions for the journalism prize “Writing for CEE”. The award will be presented for the twelfth time by the APA – Austria Press Agency and UniCredit Bank Austria. The prize includes 5,000 euros.

Journalists from around the world are invited to submit articles that deal with Central and Eastern Europe. The aim of the award is to encourage journalists to address Central and Eastern European issues in order to contribute to a mutual understanding and to overcome prejudice.

The winner is selected by an international jury and will be awarded during a ceremony in November in Vienna.

You are able to submit articles that were published between the 1st of August 2014 and the 31st of July 2015 in print media, on the radio or on TV. Contributions from online media are also welcome. Private internet articles such as blogs or postings will not be considered. It is required that the text is submitted in its original language, as well as in English, along with the author’s CV.

The submission form and more information are available at www.apa.at/cee-award .


Barbara Rauchwarter

Head of Marketing & Communication
APA – Austria Presse Agentur
Tel.: +43 (0)1 360 60-5700

Tiemon Kiesenhofer
Press Spokesperson CEE Division

UniCredit Bank Austria
Tel.: +43 (0)5 05 05-56036

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