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MARC O'POLO celebrates its ORGANIC LAUNCH PARTY with PEGGY GOU in Stockholm

MARC O'POLO celebrates its ORGANIC LAUNCH PARTY with PEGGY GOU in Stockholm

Stockholm/Stephanskirchen – March 6, APA OTS - Yesterday, MARC O'POLO celebrated a legendary ORGANIC LAUNCH PARTY in Stockholm with the help of top DJ Peggy Gou and some 300 international guests from the fashion scene. The event marked the beginning of the brand's spring/summer 2020 campaign and the launch of its MODERN ORGANIC PRODUCTs.

The journey to the unusual venue – which was kept secret until the last moment – formed an exciting prelude to the event. Shuttles took the guests to the VR-studio on a remote industrial estate. Between the towering industrial units, an old steel door opened to admit those on the exclusive guest list: international fashion icons like Caro Daur, Pernille Teisbaek, Sophia Roe, Jan Quammie, Carlijn Jacobs, Imruh Asha, Sasha Panika, Kosta Kara, Rabea Schif and many more rubbed shoulders with hipsters from Stockholm at the unpolished venue. Local DJs and, above all, international DJ Peggy Gou created a laid-back atmosphere with their sets.

The party had been the talk of the town for weeks thanks in part to its secret location, exclusive guest list and headline DJ. Ahead of the main launch, the fashion crowd gathered at the new MARC O'POLO concept store in Stockholm - Humlegardsgatan 19 - for a warm-up event. In addition to the new monothematic store concept with its minimalist design, the premium modern casual brand with Scandinavian roots is presenting its MODERN ORGANIC PRODUCTs. This collection is made entirely from organic cotton and is the focus of the latest campaign, which was directed by Mikael Jansson and features Anna Ewers, Fei Fei Sun, Parker van Noord and Keiron Caynes.

The absolute highlight of the collection is an organic overshirt with artwork from the exclusive ORGANIC LAUNCH PARTY. Several pieces from the limited party edition were worn by guests dancing to Peggy Gou's beat on yesterday's dance floor.



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MARC O'POLO stands for premium contemporary modern casual wear. Founded in Stockholm in 1967, the MARC O'POLO world today comprises the collections MARC O'POLO Modern Casual, MARC O'POLO DENIM, MARC O'POLO Shoes and MARC O'POLO Accessories, as well as the license collections MARC O'POLO Bodywear, Beachwear, Eyewear, Home, Junior and Legwear. www.marc-o-polo.com/


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