HARTING: A powerful partner for Industry 4.0 and IIoT

HARTING T1 Industrial available ex stock / All infrastructure components for IIoT networks / SPE Industrial Partner Network expands to 20 members

HARTING: A powerful partner for Industry 4.0 and IIoT

Espelkamp - May 6, 2020 APA OTS - Extraordinary times call for new methods of communication: In 2020, the HARTING Technology Group will – for the first time – be presenting innovative and state-of-the-art products and solutions for the Industry 4.0 and IIoT megatrends in purely digital form. Under the HARTING Experts Camp lable, the connectivity specialist is now offering a powerful platform to facilitate customer dialogue and communication. The platform will feature a wide range of product presentations, webinars, expert talks and much more. In a kick-off event the extensive program for the upcoming months was presented by the HARTING Management.

“The industrial arena is undergoing far-reaching change: For HARTING, this transformation means leveraging our key technologies and entering into targeted partnerships in order to pool skills and competencies capable of creating new solutions within the framework of our entire technology network,” explained Philip Harting, CEO HARTING Technology Group. “Our ultimate goal here is to develop these solutions in larger contexts and create ecosystems that generate significant added value for our customers.”

Consistent communication architecture

Against the background of rising data volumes, companies need reliable industrial communication networks that are tailored to their specific requirements. Being able to access all relevant data in real time ensures significantly faster, more flexible and more efficient production processes. The HARTING Technology Group is seeking to make a decisive contribution to developing an integrated communication architecture, from the sensor to the cloud.

Small Ethernet infrastructures key for the networked industry

For many years, HARTING has been seting milestones for future-proof connectors that meet these rising requirements, particularly with regard to their stability in challenging environments. HARTING turned the RJ45 into the RJ Industrial®, created modular M12 interfaces with X-coding and PushPull locking, and set the next major milestone in Industrial Ethernet with the miniaturized ix Industrial® interface – which is 70% smaller than an RJ45, yet significantly more robust. ix Industrial® is one of the most important components in the HARTING solution portfolio for its All for Ethernet segment. A compact and powerful Ethernet infrastructure is the key to the networked industry of tomorrow!

For more information, check out our Industrial Ethernet Trends 2020 webinar series: https://www.harting.com/DE/en-gb/Industrial-Ethernet-Trends

Industrial standard interface for SPE T1 Industrial available ex stock

Users can now make investments with a reassuring measure of security: IEC 63171-6, published on 23 January 2020, sets the basis for future IIoT networks. The international standards bodies ISO/IEC and TIA have declared the IEC 63171-6 interface as the standard for SPE in industrial applications. On this foundation, a comprehensive portfolio for the Single Pair Ethernet market is now emerging.

The T1 Industrial interface is the first of its kind. The IP20 version is now available ex stock in field assembly format (AWG 28-22) and an overmoulded format (AWG 28-22). 

SPE Industrial Partner Network grows to 20 members

Last year saw the foundation of the SPE Industrial Partner Network. As a registered association, the Network is more than just a loose association of companies with shared interests – it is a strong, legally binding community of partners. Consequently, it provides the security required to implement this new physical layer. All the companies in the network are technology leaders in their own right; between them, they specialise in the various fields needed to strengthen and complete the SPE ecosystem. The common, unifying basis of their work is the international standardisation for SPE infrastructure in accordance with IEC 11801-x, IEEE 802.3 and IEC 63171-6. In the space of just a few months, numerous strong partner companies from various fields of industrial production have expressed their support for IEC 63171-6 and joined the SPE Industrial Partner Network (http://www.single-pair-ethernet.com/).

Han® S: Safe contacting of modular energy storage systems

In Han® S, HARTING is – for the first time – introducing a special connector for battery storage modules. Global demand for electricity storage systems is booming. The new series meets the technical requirements of the latest standards for stationary energy storage systems (including UL 4128) and offers users optimum safety for the connected units. The single-pole connector solution with a 200A high-current contact is mechanically coded, is coloured red and black for easy identification, and locks intuitively. In this way, Han® S enables fast, reliable contacting of storage modules and enables the processing of large volumes.

Han® 1A: Miniaturised rectangular connector ideal for networking

The Ethernet networks sensors, machines, controllers, computers and data centres. HARTING is now offering interfaces tailored to these applications as part of the miniaturized Han® 1A industrial connector series.

The Han® 1A features two new inserts for fast and secure data transmission. This can be used to supply end devices with up to 100 Mbit/s Cat. 5 Fast Ethernet for Profinet-based communication; a 10 Gbit/s, Cat. 6A version for High-Speed Ethernet is also available. The latter is used for live camera system applications.

High-performance switch with robust ix Industrial® Interface

Imaging processes are becoming increasingly important for quality assurance and monitoring in all industry sectors. New camera technologies offer higher resolution despite their increasingly compact dimensions.

The new eCon 2000GX-I-A unmanaged Ethernet switches from HARTING are high-performance Gigabit switches, enabling consistent networking of machine-monitoring and diagnostic systems via ix Industrial®.

Focus on user-optimised DC power transmission

For the last 75 years, HARTING has repeatedly set the standards for new industrial interfaces. One current trend – particularly challenging from a technical perspective – lies in the field of DC power transmission, where demand is forecast to rise sharply. To equip the field of application with the appropriate installation technology, HARTING is promoting technology concepts that offer increased personal and plant protection. A novel connector for industrial applications transmits voltages of up to 800V and currents of up to 40A and cannot be removed when under load. In addition to the DC Industries working groups, HARTING is also engaged in the activities of the German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (DKE) geared to drafting new standards. The project is based on cooperation with the SmartFactory KL.

Software solutions for cloud and edge: Partnership with PerFact

HARTING is driving the development of new technologies forward. At present, we are keenly focused on establishing optimal connections between the field level and software solutions in cloud and edge computing. HARTING RFID solutions, digital twin and the MICA® edge computing gateway operate at this interface. What’s more, intelligent sensor technology solutions – which ensure seamless data exchange within networks – are also becoming increasingly important.

The partnership with PerFact, which HARTING announced at the SPS trade fair in Nuremberg in November 2019, will be expanded in the field of software. PerFact develops customisable modules for servicing, maintenance, logistics and process management as IT solutions for industry. 


The HARTING Technology Group is one of the world's leading providers of industrial connection technology for the three lifelines of Data, Signal and Power and has 14 production plants and 44 sales companies. Furthermore, the company also produces retail checkout systems, electromagnetic actuators for automotive and industrial series use, charging equipment for electric vehicles, as well as hardware and software for customers and applications in automation technology, mechanical and plant engineering, robotics and transportation engineering. In the 2018/19 business year, some 5,300 employees generated sales of EUR 750 million. Founded on 1 September 1945, the company celebrates its 75th anniversary at many trade fairs and events.

Picture is available at AP Images (http://www.apimages.com)


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