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New Bentley fragrance is in a class of its own

Blue Crystal edition is a masterpiece of fine crystal and luxurious design

New Bentley  fragrance is in a class of its own

Latest collaboration with Lalique creates a limited edition of 499 bottles; tradition of Rene Lalique brought to life for global collectors.

Crewe - 23rd September APA OTS -  The men’s fragrance collection from Bentley is now enhanced by the creation of a limited Blue Crystal edition by renowned French crystal manufacturer Lalique.

Perfumer Mylène Alran, who also created the fragrance for the first Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition, selected natural vetiver extract for the new Blue Crystal Edition to give woody, spicy composition a charismatic character.

This is the second crystal flacon created by Lalique for Bentley in its exclusive and luxurious men’s fragrance range. The impressive initial visual impact derives from the square shape of the flacon and the legendary “Flying B” Bentley wings mascot. Hand-crafted in gleaming crystal, the dynamic of its wings epitomises timeless beauty.

The Lalique for Bentley Blue Crystal limited edition fragrance is available this autumn and is priced at £3,500 (€4,500).

A masterpiece of crystal

As the Blue Crystal name suggests, the artistic bottle shines in magical midnight blue. To achieve this, Lalique applied its tremendous expertise in the area of pigments to create shimmering blue reflections in the magnificent crystal. The flacon’s base follows simple angular lines and is discreetly adorned with the distinctive Lalique for Bentley lettering, in a pure and contemporary design. The contrast between matt and polished crystal is one of the outstanding features of the unique Lalique style, reflecting light in a sensual manner and creating astounding plasticity.

The bottle is in keeping with the great tradition of René Lalique, the celebrated jewellery and glass artist of the last century. His factory, founded in 1921 in Wingen-sur-Moder in the French Vosges, continues to produce exquisite crystal objects such as glass figurines, vases, lamps, pieces of jewellery and bottles. For decades, Lalique’s world-leading creations have been highly sought-after by collectors, reaching stellar prices at international auction.

Crafted with pure natural essences

Like other top-quality fragrances, Lalique for Bentley Blue Crystal Edition is made from the finest, primarily pure natural essences. The top note is stimulating, with pink peppercorns and juniper berries, accompanied by a hint of fresh pear. In the heart note, Haitian and Javanese vetiver unfold their concentrated power, woody and invigorating.

The base note includes essences of harmonious ambergris and musk, partnered with precious cedar wood and frankincense to round off the sensual experience.

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