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Seoul Semiconductor Presents New Acrich COB Product Line-up at Japan Lighting Fair 2017

17 new COB products adopting Seoul Semiconductor’s Multi-Junction and Acrich technologies

Seoul Semiconductor Presents New Acrich COB Product Line-up at Japan Lighting Fair 2017

- 17 new COB products adopting Seoul Semiconductor’s Multi-Junction and Acrich technologies.

- New COB products, yielding the best performance in the industry which can be applied to broadcast studio lighting in Japan.

- A line-up of high-performance products were created using differentiated technologies which will lead the global COB market.

Seoul, South Korea - BUSINESS WIRE- Seoul Semiconductor, a world leader in LED technology, presents the new Acrich COB family of products targeting the high-quality and high efficiency lighting market at the Lighting Fair, which is taking place in Tokyo, Japan, from March 7 through March 10.

“Seoul Semiconductor’s Acrich COB family is an entirely new LED concept, adopting its proprietary Acrich MJT technology - multi-junction LED technology and direct AC technology on a COB platform, ,” said Nam Ki-Bum, Chief Technology Officer of Seoul Semiconductor. “In addition to the MJT COB and AC COB line-ups, we will also be launching two enhanced COB products this year, and we are going to market them worldwide together with all our high-quality LED solutions.”

The new products exhibited at the Lighting Fair are based on Acrich technology, which is Seoul Semiconductor’s core LED technology for high efficiency direct AC driven LEDs. Acrich COB has two line-ups: MJT COB and AC COB. MJT COBs use integrated multi-junction technology chips and have the world’s highest luminous efficacy of up to 168lm/W. They come in standard form factors with a single power connection. AC COBs use direct AC driving technology, which combines four groups of LEDs in a unique, solderable design. This dramatically improves the simplicity in design and the lifetime of the product by eliminating the external AC-DC converter.

The line-up includes 11 different MJT COB products ranging from 6W to 180W and 6 Acrich COB products that operate off 120V and 230V AC. Seoul Semiconductor also provides various solutions such as optics and holders to help customers manufacture their lighting fixtures.

In addition, Seoul Semiconductor developed a high CRI COB for spot lighting for broadcasting studios. Seoul Semiconductor applied its MJT COB technology to this product, yielding the best performance in the industry.

MJT COB is a product combining multi-junction technology and chip-on-board technology, to which Seoul Semiconductor owns the corresponding patents. It uses the integrated multi-junction technology, and is characterized by the high light quality and reliability.

The high luminous efficacy of 168lm/W, together with a CCT of 5000K, a CRI of 80, a junction temperature of 85°C and 40W of power, is about 6% higher than that of existing products This high performance is achieved by the MJT COB utilizing only 54 chips, compared to competing COB products requiring 144 chips. MJT COB is more reliable due to a significant reduction of wire bonds which is a leading cause of defects in COB products.

The AC COB product line is driven by an AC source of either 120V or 230V. As it does not require a bulky and short-lived converter, the circuit cost can be reduced by about 25%, and it features good space utilization and a long lifetime.

Both product lines are suitable for a wide range of general lighting applications requiring high quality and high efficiency indoor and exterior lighting applications including shop lighting streetlights, industrial and commercial lighting.

Seoul Semiconductor, which has been developing the COB technology for the past 10 years, and now owns hundreds of COB-related patents. The company plans to continue to exercise its patent rights actively, when there are infringements of the patented rights to COB technologies.

Seoul Semiconductor New Acrich COB Product Line-up (Graphic: Business Wire)
Seoul Semiconductor New Acrich COB Product Line-up (Graphic: Business Wire)


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# About Seoul Semiconductor:

Seoul Semiconductor develops and commercializes light emitting diodes (LEDs) for automotive, general illumination, specialty lighting and backlighting markets. As the fifth largest LED manufacturers globally, Seoul Semiconductor holds more than 10,000 patents, offers a wide range of technologies and high volume production of innovative LED products such as "Wicop" – Simpler Structured Package-Free LED, "Acrich” – the world's leading direct AC LED, "Acrich MJT – Multi-Junction-Technology" a proprietary family of high-voltage LEDs, and “nPola”, a new LED product based on GaN-substrate technology for over ten times output of conventional LEDs.

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