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Better vision thanks to Biometric Intelligence

Comprehensive measurement of the eye as a database for progressive lenses

Better vision thanks to Biometric Intelligence

APA OTS - Every eye is different; and yet this uniqueness has largely been ignored in the manufacture of lenses up to now. Especially for progressive lenses, the reduction to a few measured values means that only two percent of the lenses manufactured will perfectly match the individual eye and fully deliver on the vision potential. With its innovative “B.I.G. Vision® for all” philosophy, Rodenstock, as the first lens manufacturer, makes possible the precise measurement of each eye and manufactures the most precise Biometric Intelligent Glasses on the market using the extensive data records acquired with thousands of measurement points.

Comprehensive measurement of the eye as a basis for Biometric Intelligent Glasses

"We are the only lens manufacturer to determine the biometrics of the whole eye. This includes the length of the eye and several thousand data points", says Anders Hedegaard, CEO of the Rodenstock Group. "They are measured by the optician with our DNEye® Scanner and included directly in the production of the individual lens." On the basis of this data, Rodenstock calculates a biometric eye model and can determine the centre of sharp vision for each individual eye. The lenses produced this way make possible pin-sharp vision from every angle and with every glance, both in the peripheral zones and at middle, near and far distance.

B.I.G. Vision® ensures a greater quality of life

B.I.G. Vision® with the DNEye® technology from Rodenstock offers a dynamic and natural visual experience. The Biometric Intelligent Glasses are adapted exactly to the eye and deliver up to 40% sharper vision in the near and intermediate range and 8.5° greater width of field at near distances. Based on their experience with the Biometric Intelligent Glasses, a high percentage of spectacle wearers surveyed in a Swiss study reported big advantages: 88% of those surveyed found they could see more comfortably with their DNEye®

optimised lenses than with their old spectacles, 92% saw sharper than before and 84% experienced better contrast vision.

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About Rodenstock:

The Rodenstock Group is a worldwide leading manufacturer of high-quality ophthalmic lenses. With the philosophy "B.I.G. VISION® FOR ALL - Biometric Intelligent Glasses", the lens manufacturer stands for a paradigm shift in individual progressive lenses. The company, which was founded in 1877 with its headquarters in Munich, Germany, is represented with sales offices and distribution partners in more than 85 countries. Rodenstock maintains production plants at 14 locations in 13 countries.

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